Is Coolsculpting Changing Liposuction As The Preferred Treatment For Plastic Surgeons?

While the internet is replete with at home remedies for getting rid of skin tags like moles, Dermatologists warn that these methods may merely create some superficial benefits for those that think their mole is unsightly; a certified dermatologist does more than simply remove the mole.

“Performing basic cosmetic excision on a mole is of course something that dermatologists do,” says one dermatologist from Palo Alto, “but before we do that, we need to get a biopsy on the tissue itself to determine if it’s cancerous or not. Skin cancer is not only just the most prevalent form of cancer, but it’s also very treatable when it’s caught early. So if a patient goes about removing the mole using methods they found on the internet, not only are they going to leave some of the tissue behind, but we’re not going to know whether or not it’s benign or cancerous, and that’s a serious problem.”

“The problem isn’t that these methods don’t work cosmetically,” he continued. “The problem is that they don’t work as thoroughly as methods used by trained doctors. Dermatologists use a number of techniques for removing moles that are safe, effective, and thorough.”

Still, there are many folks out there using home remedies they’ve found on the internet, the most popular of which is using Apple Cider Vinegar. Doctors warn that this method is not safe for removing moles.

“Dermatologists absolutely do not use a potent acid to burn a mole off the skin,” he said. “It’s a very dangerous myth that’s been propagated over the internet and has resulted in several unfortunate check this and unsightly skin conditions that are more unsightly than your typical mole. That includes chemical burns, infections, and hyperpigmentation of the area that was once occupied by the mole. So you run a serious risk of replacing one unsightly blemish with another.”

“When you go to a dermatologist, the doctor will analyze the tissue, ensure that it’s not cancerous, and then come up with the best method for removing the particular mole in a manner that reduces the chance of scarring. Since there are no nerve endings in moles, the best method is generally scalpel sculpting or shaving. It’s a 5 minute procedure that rarely hurts, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you don’t have skin cancer. While it may cost you a bit more than your typical bottle of apple cider vinegar, it also doesn’t run the risk of chemical burn. But no, dermatologists do not recommend any of these internet remedies for mole removal,” he concluded.

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